Welcome to The Executive Suite Mastermind

  • This unique club takes the President’s Roundtable to a whole new level to help you to accelerate your company’s achievements and success. It’s a catalyst like no other!
  • The Executive Suite Mastermind incorporates the best of executive coaching and mastermind strategies.
  • Each roundtable consists of small groups of executives who meet up to 12 times annually within three distinct meeting formats.

Read our brochure below for complete details about our club and membership packages. Enjoy a complimentary Prestige membership package as you consider whether this is the business community for you. The link to apply is at the end of this page.

Key Benefits

The Executive Suite Mastermind exists to provide an inner circle for presidents so that they can discuss mutual challenges and brainstorm solutions to their business problems.

  • Learn from the collective knowledge, experience and wisdom of the other members.
  • Generate more ideas of a higher quality than one or two people working sporadically or alone.
  • Gain rapid access to multiple perspectives.
  • Accelerated breakthroughs and motivation.
  • The ‘witness effect’ brings added accountability.
  • the momentum of the energy, accelerates motivation and progress.

Who should enroll?

Company leaders such as CEO’s, Presidents and Senior Executives of small and medium size businesses with at least 5 full time employees.

“This morning’s event was great!!!! Lots of interesting, meaningful conversation and content that particularly spoke to me and the business ethics I aspire to achieve.”

Josh OrzechPresident and CEO Eye T Consulting

“Thank you for inviting me to participate as an expert at the Executive Suite Summit. It was an extraordinary experience to share the latest ideas, techniques and practical applications of responsible management with the other members. We learned a lot, developed new networking opportunities, and most of all, took some time to look at the Big Picture in each of our businesses.”

Kind regards,

Judy NagyLecturer at JMSB and Consultant in Strategic Growth

"I have to say that I found the meeting to be very stimulating and engaging. I particularly enjoyed the case study employing your Leadership Alchemy. I believe the results were excellent and this is clearly a very powerful tool for identifying opportunities that should be addressed in any organization. I look forward to future opportunities to participate in similar summits."

Clifford DickmanPresident and Co-CEO AirJet Helicopter

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