Announcing an exclusive, members only club for business owners, senior partners,
presidents and C-suite executives of small to medium size companies.

This hybrid mastermind group is designed to provide the opportunity for executives to leverage each other’s strengths, experience and knowledge as a catalyst for accelerated, high level achievement.

A seat at this table allows the members to be a part of an inner circle where each has the opportunity to tap into a collective of keen intelligence, vast knowledge, priceless experience and deep wisdom of peers from non-competing companies.

Knowledge sharing of this kind creates a cross pollination between industries and generations so it invigorates one’s capacity for the stamina, innovation and creative thinking that is required to be a successful leader in today’s business climate.

Here is the place for members to raise their most pressing issues, uncover opportunity and solve their most urgent problems. As a first time guest, you will receive a free consultation with me to ensure that this is a good fit and an invitation to attend one of our two annual open house events so that you can experience the benefits first hand before you decide.

My Inspiration

In my 20 years of business experience I have worked with leaders across industries, generations, and company sizes, from start-ups, to first and second generation family businesses, to small, national and multinational enterprises.

My clients come to coaching with a wide range of issues yet, all with the intent to make their companies better.

I have also coached members of their workforces privately and in group settings. This experience has given me interesting insights on how leaders see themselves and how they are viewed by their employees throughout the ranks. From multiple points of view, I hear about the struggles, the obstacles and the impact these are having the company’s ability to achieve results.

I see and hear many different versions of what it means to be alone at the top.

I believe what is missing for senior level executives is the opportunity to meet with their peers to discuss common issues and draw on each other for support, insights and solutions.

Experience brings true knowledge and with that, a long, lingering wisdom. This club provides a forum that allows leaders to tap into and leverage that mighty truth. Are you in?

Our Team

Corry Robertson
Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Helena Hlavenkova
Human Resources Strategy Consultant & Business Coach

Sonia Di Maulo, MA, CRP 
Cultivate Trust & Collaboration – Global Leadership Innovator