The Corry Robertson Coaching Academy for Leaders.

The connection between employee engagement and client loyalty will be revealed!

You will  design a sustainable strategy that will support your company’s growth and culture with practical powerful knowledge that you can use right away.

These strategies will increase your employee engagement & create an amazing work environment that everyone looks forward to going to…

This event brings together senior executives like you. The design of the retreat is interactive, experiential and collaborative promising a rich experience of relationship building and peer learning.

Thursday January 24, 2019 | The Auberge Willow Inn | Hudson, Quebec

This day will provide you with amazing knowledge and insights on powerful, sustainable growth strategies which may surprise you.

This event is  for you if you’re looking for high-level knowledge sharing, professional development, and peer to peer relationship building…

We will be discussing issues relating to current events and trends that are impacting your company today. This event has the power to set your entire business on a new and exciting course.

Join us at the Willow Place Inn, Hudson Quebec, to gain insights that will make an immediate  BIG impact on your workforce productivity , while simultaneously building a culture and community that is something most business owners and employees only dream of.

These strategies will positively alter the way people work and think of your company… forever!

Why is this important now?

According to Gallup, 84% of Canadian workers are either not engaged or actively disengaged.

The Business Development Bank of Canada is warning that Canada is experiencing a labour shortage that will likely last a decade.

Companies that can’t attract a workforce or engage employees will face stagnation or demise.

Leaders need to know how to build a workplace culture that will set their companies apart as an employer of choice.

These strategies are about

  • Company Growth
  • Employee Retention
  • Client Loyalty
  • Your Competitive Advantage
  • Responsible Management
  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Building A Conscious Environment
  • Ensuring Highly Motivated Employees
  • Your Wellbeing And That Of Your Employees

This is truly like nothing else you have ever experienced. And, it will make real, lasting change in your work environment!

At the Future Proof Leadership Retreat  you will…

  • Gain Rapid Access to Multiple Perspectives
  • Experience Accelerated Breakthroughs and Motivation
  • Leverage the knowledge and wisdom of your peers
  • Build Momentum, Energy, Motivation and Progress


You are a business owner or senior executive of  a small or medium size company with 10 or more employees.

(If this doesn’t describe you, then  you won’t benefit from our day together)

The Future Proof Leadership Retreat is content rich, experiential and transformative.

The knowledge share, workshop activities and small group dialogue will allow you to connect and build rapport with other leaders similar to you.

Only 50 seats are available for The Future Proof Leadership Retreat and I hope to see you there.

Our team of experts will be at your service to answer your questions and offer advice.

Corry Robertson

Coaching Culture
For your company to thrive, your people must thrive!

Glynis Devine

Emotional Intelligence
Profit from positivity

Sonia DiMaulo

Leading great teams

Helena Hlavenkova

Strategy & Performance
Engaging employees, empowering leaders, delivering results.

Christina Della Rocca

Healthy Body, Strong Mind
Peak wellness for optimal performance

Samantha Bateman

 Talent Acquisition and Corporate Matchmaking
Recruiting to culture

Suzannah Baum

Presentations & Communication
Unleash your ultimate speaking potential

Lianne Bridges

Designing Transformation
Working with purpose is the alchemy for engagement.

Sharon Cohen

Emotional and Mental Wellbeing
Build a culture without burnout.

Thursday January 24, 2019 | The Auberge Willow Inn | Hudson, Quebec

“This morning’s event was great!!!! Lots of interesting, meaningful conversation and content that particularly spoke to me and the business ethics I aspire to achieve.”

Josh OrzechPresident and CEO Eye T Consulting

“Thank you for inviting me to participate as an expert at the Executive Suite Summit. It was an extraordinary experience to share the latest ideas, techniques and practical applications of responsible management with the other members. We learned a lot, developed new networking opportunities, and most of all, took some time to look at the Big Picture in each of our businesses.”

Kind regards,

Judy NagyLecturer at JMSB and Consultant in Strategic Growth

"I have to say that I found the meeting to be very stimulating and engaging. I particularly enjoyed the case study employing your Leadership Alchemy. I believe the results were excellent and this is clearly a very powerful tool for identifying opportunities that should be addressed in any organization. I look forward to future opportunities to participate in similar summits."

Clifford DickmanPresident and Co-CEO AirJet Helicopter

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Thursday January 24 | Agenda

Culture by Design, Not Default

Labour shortages and low employee engagement are causing business leaders to think of new ways to ensure that their companies continue to grow and prosper. Today is the day to get solutions that are right for you.

8:00 AM Meet, greet and enjoy morning coffee with light snacks

8:30 AM What is the future culture required to fulfill your organization’s purpose, execute your strategy and achieve your goals?

Gain knowledge, interact, collaborate and brainstorm to find answers to the questions that keep you up at night.

12:00 Lunch is included

1:30 PM Meet the Masters

Based on the insights and ah ha moments of this morning, up next is your opportunity go deeper and think through how you will bring these new ideas to life.

Join conversations lead by our subject matter experts. You will choose the topics that are most important to you and have the opportunity to join three conversations this afternoon. Get advice around and share ideas with your peers.

5:00 PM Cocktail hour is a free style, mind meet to enjoy at your leisure

6:00 PM A Gourmet dinner is included. Never a dull moment, our masters will host tables and lead discussions based on the themes of the day.

9:00 PM We bid you good night.

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